Slowing Down, Turning Up: Parallel Journeys (Upcoming Artist Residency)

Hello Everyone... hope you can drop in to our various activities next week at the Arts Based Studio on U of A campus... as Barbara and I are initiating our 2nd residency here. See the basic poster information below. Looking forward to meeting you.

“we know more than we think”

The Arts-Based Research Studio welcomes…


Barbara Bickel & R. Michael Fisher



Artists-in-Residence & Visiting Scholars

May 18-24, 2015


Slowing Down, Turning Up: Parallel Journeys


  On parallel journeys during a 6 month sabbatical, the artists focus their arts-based

  research in this residency on reflection, while integrating findings from their newest 

  artworks—still in process. They ask others to join them, co-creating the atmosphere

  ideas, and aesthetic practices revealing the depth of richness concealed in the art.

  Turning up, playing up, and authentically engaging art is something they love to share

  with others. To contact the artists:


Barbara and Michael are life partners, artists, researchers & educators with a sensitivity to the sacred in art and creativity. Completing arts based graduate work at UBC led them in 2008 to Illinois, where Barbara is Assoc. Prof. in Art Education, and Director of Woman, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Southern Illinois University, and Michael is an artist and educational and organizational leadership consultant.


Arts-Based Research Studio  4-104 Education North, University of Alberta

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