Arts & Humanities in Health & Medicine, University of Alberta: HUMANIZING MEDICINE: GOING OFF SCRIPT

Offering a glimpse behind the curtain, David Diamond offers a cogent argument for why facilitating meaningful community change often requires “going off script”. Diamond uses the primal language of theatre to engage communities in difficult conversations about a wide range of issues. His work recognizes the lived space in which new relationships and new understandings can develop in support of a healthier, more humane world. In this presentation, Diamond will discuss the experience of creating the play “maladjusted” as a means of exploring the mechanization of mental health services. A recent extended tour of BC and Alberta engaged close to 10,000 audience members in innovative, roleplay-based problemsolving. Policy recommendations are currently being compiled in a report which will be submitted to various stakeholders, including Alberta Health Services (one of the major funders of the tour). He will also outline the work he is currently involved at the University of Alberta directed to promoting healthy learning environments in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry.

WATCH the video here:

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