The last few times people have come to work with me in the afternoons, has been one person at a time.  Now, that I think of it, how appropriate and fabulous for working on a solo show, and it has been an honor and  treasure to work with individuals, one at a time, and see the potential and blossoming of how each person can mine their own stories.  Our stories utter one another, and we have a lifetime of stories within us.  So amazing to have this space where we can dance, move, voice, and write all in the same space, as the structure supports and births the work.   I hope some of you will share your work on Friday with me!!

 In warming up today, I thought that the warming up process is an act of emptying, a libation, truly not only a physical discipline, but a spiritual discipline.  I come into the studio each day to empty, and the process is transformed into many shapes and textures.   I am mindful and bodyful today that the  return to the artistic process is an act of love and every work of art in progress is the practice of  love.  Sometimes in the middle of the work, one must endure, stay up with in a sleepless night, but the massaging a work to life, is coming to it again and again as a lover, and listening for where it wants to go.  I have enjoyed how several pieces are now coming together, as if they were always one, but were separated before.  In those interstices the work is recreated and here is deep joy!




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