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We are well into the second week of the Alice Sheppard Dance Intensive. Together, we decided to brainstorm words that describe the process up until now, and how we have been feeling throughout this process. Here is what we came up with: 

- challenging

- dynamic

- attachment

- exciting

- sneaky, semi fan kicks

- room for everyone

- new

- weighty

- dense

- complex

- love Kelsie

- layered

- listen and pay attention

- focused

- mutual support

- cohesion

- shared leadership

- recognized and valued

- individuality and creativity

- dance from the body/mind we have today

- tolerance

- celebration

- relaxed focus

- non-judgmental 

- empowering

- creepy beautiful...creepiful

- shifting comfort zone

- safe

- changing the way we move

- biomechanics

- moving from the ground up

- accessible

- importance of warm-up

- body awareness

- spatial awareness

- community awareness

- connectedness

- gratefulness

We are so excited to see where the rest of the week/residency takes us!

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