A note from Alice Sheppard on our first day of her ABR residency

Yesterday was the first day of our creation intensive at CRIPSiE. I’m sort of stunned.

Yesterday was the first day of our creation intensive at CRIPSiE, and it’s clear that we are on a journey to, well, I don’t know where. And I am happy for that to be the case.

I’m Alice, and I am here for two weeks to create a piece with CRIPSiE. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while. When I read about CRIPSiE on the web, I was immediately drawn to their stated commitment to crip and mad art: “Crip and mad aesthetics involve celebrating and exploring the gen

erative possibilities of 'disability' and 'mental illness,' in terms of how these experiences can offer important alternative perspectives on art processes, form, and content.” Yes. YES! I want this and yes, I believe in this. So, it was with a sense of honour, privilege and more than a little anxiety that I rolled up to the University of Alberta campus and entered the studio. Who were these people? Could I create a piece that would live in them and live out their mission?

Everyone has been so welcoming and has given so much of themselves already. I don’t know where we will end up. The process has already begun to change my plans --as it should. So, stay with us. Watch the piece unfold.




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