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Turning Up: Collaboration Emerging

The third day of the residency began with Barbara and Michael interacting with the left overs on the studio floor from the day…


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Slowing Down, Turning Up: Parallel Journeys... short video

The following 2 min. video Untitled

untitled Fisher bickel-vimeo and yoututbe from Barbara Bickel on Vimeo.

was a combination of Barbara and I working with institutional paper towels found in the UofA washrooms. The idea was mine to use something organic to…


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Slowing Down, Turning up: Parallel Journeys -- first days

The first day above pic, shows Michael artworking the blackbox space of the ABR Studio. The word "Researching" came up and then "Nesting" in parallel with it, thus creating a tension of analogy by which research in the academy could perhaps gain some new sensibility if not aesthetic expansion, from an…


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Dementia Day IdeasLab

A short film about my participation in the University of Stirling's Dementia Day IdeasLab

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Slowing Down, Turning Up: Parallel Journeys (Upcoming Artist Residency)

Hello Everyone... hope you can drop in to our various activities next week at the Arts Based Studio on U of A campus... as Barbara and I are initiating our 2nd residency here. See the basic poster information below. Looking forward to meeting you.

“we know more than we think”

The Arts-Based Research Studio welcomes…




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Arts & Humanities in Health & Medicine, University of Alberta: HUMANIZING MEDICINE: GOING OFF SCRIPT

Offering a glimpse behind the curtain, David Diamond offers a cogent argument for why facilitating meaningful community change often requires “going off script”. Diamond uses the primal language of theatre to engage communities in difficult conversations about a wide range of issues. His work recognizes the lived space in which new relationships and new understandings can develop in support of a healthier, more humane world. In this presentation, Diamond will discuss the experience of…


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Poetic Inquiry in Practice

Dear all:

I am a member of AstroDime Transit Authority. The AstroDime Transit Authority is a Think-Tank and public service organization that considers issues of transportation, communication and world and intergalactic citizenship.

AstroDime is occasionally asked to do arts based qualitative analysis. The poem being linked to was for a questionnaire an outside investigator sent to adjunct faculty to one private North American college in 2014,  initially to assess the adjunct…


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So-called ‘smart’ drug impairs creative people

So-called ‘smart’ drug impairs creative people…


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Counterfactuals and more...

I wanted to share some info from the Society of History of Technology conference i just came from in Dearborn Michigan.... i did have some very good conversations with people who were very generous with their time. here's  a few thoughts..

-there are some scholars who take an approach to history research.called ."counterfactual history" is really interesting approach to writing history..finding the "what if threads" that the dominant histories leave behind. .



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Looking at Images: A Researcher's Guide

This article is part of a new on Arts-Based Research edited by Jane Birkin, Rima Chahrour and Sunil Manghani, and published by Winchester School of Art. My contribution is not wildly exciting, however, being more of a 'how to' it might be of some practical interest to doctoral researchers. There were images in the original submission but I can't see those on-line, so they may not be there, which is a shame…


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Feminism, Queer Theory, Technoscience and ABR

found is a call for papers regarding technoscience, feminism, and queer theory. How might an ABR approach inform this work? new journal!

Dear colleagues,

We write to announce the formation of Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience, a new online peer-reviewed journal, the first issue of which will be launched in Spring 2015. The outcome of three years of collaborative research and planning among a ten-person editorial board, Catalyst will publish interdisciplinary…


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Trailer for Woman giving birth to a red pepepr

Here is the link to the youtube trailer for my show, "Woman giving birth to a red pepper."  It was so fabulous to have the time at the ABER studio to work on the creation and development of this work.  I hope to bring the whole show to you, and visit again!!!

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New Qualitative Handbook released (with ABR throughout)

Hi Everyone. I am thrilled to announce the release of The Oxford Handbook of Qualitative Research (includes ABR throughout). You can visit the website for a full table of contents and other info. Please consider asking your library to order a copy or pick up one for yourself (great for classroom use…


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Derwent Art Prize 2014

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