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Lynn Fels residency

Why is it that good things must come to an end?!!

Lynn's residency at the Studio over the past three weeks was a blast. Such a rich experience of sharing and learning together. It was a pleasure to have Lynn's wonderful creative energy fill the space. The songs, the characters, the stories you created will linger there . . .

Thanks Lynn. I miss you already.

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Day 12: Witness to the Text That Arrives

Today I am transcribing, all the digital recordings that I have made in the past two weeks, now being captured in text. Diane has suggested that we workshop the musical on Thursday....I am curious to hear their meet these characters who have been keeping me company in the studio. Meeting new people, listening to new stories, new ideas is exciting...this studio retreat is going too quickly! I want to hold on to each day, and say, wait a minute, give me more time—but it seems that…


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Day 11: Waiting for Characters to Arrive

I have decided that creativity is like a muscle, it requires nurturing, proteins, and space, lots of space, so that the body may move, play, twirl, or stand in receive the offering of the characters that come to visit, to intrigue, to surprise....stepping away from my everyday life, is bringing me closer and closer to what matters....what surprises, is that my work is so embodied with who I am—each character a turning of the kaleidoscope, the changing of light, that catches…


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Saturday Role Drama Workshop: Highway of the Atom

How do we enter into difficult stories and honour the multiple perspectives, issues, and individuals whose lives unfold through their stories? Whose stories are told? Whose stories remain hidden, through silence, through death, through the black marker of a government censor? Peter Van Wyck, historian, with Julie Salverson, playwright, travelled the Highway of the Atom, tracing the journey of the uranium mined in Great Bear Lake, refined in Port Hope and transported to the Manhattan Project…


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Day 9: Perfect Timing

The tape recorder clicked off, and the studio door opened. In walked a film crew, and no, my musical hasn't made it to Hollywood quite yet, but I had the pleasure of watching the filming of a teaser for the show, Stop the Yo-yo, with Dr. Sharma, an obesity expert at U of Alberta. You can never guess who's going to appear ready for action in the Arts-based Research Studio! I am now transcribing scenes that I've been creating over the past few's amazing how concentrated time to focus…


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Day 8: Walking the Talk: Diane Conrad

Diane Conrad, my host, founder of the arts-based research studio, and associate professor in the Faculty of Education University of Alberta, joined me for a noon-hour conversation. She talked about working with youth at risk, ethics, research, and what matters to her as a researcher. She introduced Dwight Conquergood's (2003) ideas about performance ethnography, ethics and the need for the researcher to engage in a dialogic performance with participants. Diane creates a performance space of…


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Day Seven

A visitor came today - Marcus - who will be next semester's artist in residence - when he told me he had years of musical theatre training in New York City - I want to, as they say, drop through the floor. I now know why check-ins and warm-ups are key components of creating a space for creative work....once I had regained consciousness...I found myself on the stage, my playwright role abandoned, and he, standing in the darkness offstage in role as director-choreography —the question, as I've…


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Day 6

Monday - beginning of the week! My vocal warm-up is coming along - I am giving myself permission to take up more and more of the room. I continue working on the role drama, creating and recording new songs—only one today—and trying to find out more about my characters. Today two of them told me a secret - caught me totally by now I have to revamp a couple of scenes....curious, who else is waiting behind the curtain to reveal him/her self? I brought my sole-less boot to a…


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Saturday Role Drama Workshop: Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale is a little town that springs magically into being each time and offers me something new.  I co-designed it with pre-service theatre education students at UBC, as an introductory workshop for students to drama across the curriculum, and in its first year, the students peer-taught in pairs in all the language education classes. Sunnyvale has made its appearance in numerous class in different grades, especially in P.E.I., (thanks to George Belliveau) and in Brazil, in portuguese!…


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Day 4 Moving into the Unexpected

A day in the Studio. The musical is mapped out!  What I love about working in the studio, is that I have space and time to explore. Moving while taping conversations between imaginary characters located on a stage, stimulates new ideas, new relationships that surprise me….I thought I knew what this musical was about…but it seems the characters have other ideas!

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Dr. Julie Salverson, Queen's University, and librettist of Shelter spoke at the noon-hour conversation in the studio. She shared her journey with us from creating The Cat Came Back for people with mental disabilities who taught her that audience mattered to last night's World Premiere of SHELTER, an opera written about a family living in the shadow of the nuclear bomb, and how a dashing young pilot arrives with catastrophic results....Julie spoke to us about the ethics of engaging in…


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Day 2 Working in a New Space

It is a gift to work in a new space — a space that invites you to move, to breathe, to sound your presence....a relief to step out of habits of engagement and imagine a new narrative, an embodied way of being in research and play. This musical has been living with me for a long time, longer than I had initially realized, a stop moment inviting me to turn and explore the what if? of a life imagined but left behind for something that glittered just beyond my reach—working in a dedicated space…


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Soleless in Edmonton

Safely arrived in a snowbank, dragging my suitcase to a warm welcome from everyone at U of A. Diane kindly suited me up with keys, computer access codes and best of all an entry card to the arts-based research studio which is beautiful! Lost the sole of my boot on the walk home from the LRT (hopefully not a metaphor). Tomorrow begins the first day of my residency!

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A Teacher's Book Report: All by Myself!

A reflection on one of the offerings in Key Concepts in Theatre/Drama Education edited by Shifra Schonmann

Section I: learning, teaching, curricula and teacher education

Learning to Teach…


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A Teacher's Book Report: Setting the Scene

In the school board I work for we choose what we will do for professional development. This is a gap year for me, a pause before the good work of my Education Doctorate starts. I want to keep reading and…


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Movement Wakes Us Up


Movement wakes us up

and unlocks new blessings.

(Rumi, The Big Red Book, p. 452)


Movement within, a visceral shift, slide, flow, a delicate stir…..movement, stirring me, the pot, the bowl, awakening new pathways for seeing, traveling, following a thought, a feeling, a noticing. Movement within waking a place where before there was little motion, a rested waiting, a…


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