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Stage managers, "S/kin", and small rehearsals

Our recent meetings have featured a new addition to our cohort, Emily, a friend of mine and fellow graduate student in the Department of Drama. Emily has volunteered to stage manage our final production and we are very happy about that - she has a wealth of skills and experience with behind-the-scenes theatre work, and she had a passion for community-engaged art. Now that our group is finishing up devising and moving toward a more conventional rehearsal process, with a view to our…


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Follow-up: March 21 "Becoming an Anti-Racist Ally" event

Thanks to everyone who came out to today's "Becoming an Anti-Racist Ally" event.

This collaborative event fused the participatory education methods of Racism-Free Edmonton and the Forum Theatre techniques that I have been facilitating with the Staging Diversity cohort.

We opened the event with a few ice-breaker games that allowed attendees to get to know each other a bit, and to get everyone moving (in anticipation of the forthcoming participatory theatre scenes!). The two…


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More Feedback

Here is some more feedback for the Open Rehearsal on Saturday afternoon:

Markus’s  Open Rehearsal

What I saw in the dancers

The dancers seemed at ease in taking direction from Markus. There was no hesitation to move as he instructed.

The dancers appeared comfortable with each other even with the intimacy of touching and closeness. There seemed to be a trust that had developed in each other.

The dancers were at ease in performing and since I…


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Reminder - Anti-Racist Ally event tomorrow

Hi all,

Tomorrow is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination!

In accordance, the Becoming an Anti-Racist Ally workshop is tomorrow:

This is a collaboration between my Staging Diversity project, the ABRS,…


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Maladjusted - Theatre for Living (Headlines Theatre) live webcast

Join us at the Studio or from wherever you are for Theatre for Living's (Headlines Theatre) live interactive webcast of their latest production Maladjusted. We'll be at the Studio from 8:00 p.m. MST.

We joined the webcast for last years show. It was great - very powerful theatre. We even made an intervention in the performance via the chat function.

Live, interactive, global web cast:…


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Last Offerings at the Studio

The final two Open DanceTheatre Workshops for Markus’ residency will be this Tuesday evening, the 19th of March at 7 PM

and this Wednesday afternoon, the 20th of March at 1 PM at the Arts-Based Research Studio.

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Last Night's Open Rehearsal

Here is a quote from last night's Open Rehearsal:

I really enjoyed attending the rehearsal.  It was intriguing to participate as a viewer.  I feel I am learning so much.  I am letting go of ideas I have have had in the past about theatre -and life- and shaping new ones! Mostly about being present, calm, and playful.
I like your words "don't move to the music, but let the music move you." Words to live by!  Also I found the phrase, "if it is uninteresting, do less" very…

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Morals and Metaxis

We have been working away in the studio on developing staged adaptations of myths and folk stories. This process began with a practical workshop where we dissected every myth to find its dramaturgical structure, including its ostensible moral. Now we are doing something much more fun - finding what lesson we choose to take from the story, and how we can theatrically adapt the story to best share our perspective(s) with the audience. One theatrical device we are playing with…


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In gratitude

I am back home in Vancouver from the artist residency and I am already missing the gift of time and physical space to attend to the creative process, and the wonderful people who came across my path during my time at the Arts–based ResearchStudio.  Diane has opened up a remarkable space for creativity and hospitality to flourish in a vibrant place of inquiry.  It was a joy to share parts of, “Woman giving birth to a red pepper,” which grew substantially during the 2 weeks.  In the…


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Theatrical Settings: Political and Aesthetic Considerations

In a previous post (which you can read here), I talked about how each participant in the Staging Diversity project brought a 'source' to share with the group during one of our more relaxed meetings at a potluck a few weeks ago.

Two participants brought music videos that spoke directly to themes of regional pride - I have shared them both below. Watching these…


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Making Room

Making room in our daily lives for creative ventures is becoming more and more essential. Participants are expressing gratitude for the time and space to expand their usual focus, for sensitizing their aesthetic senses and for spending time with others in a meaningful way. Being creative continues to remind each of us in this experience that we have the choice again and agian to do what is familiar or to explore something new. There is greater vulnerability in not doing the same old, same…


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Ripening of artmaking in community

It has been a rich few days, with the wider community, including attending Markus’ wonderful session - the depth of where he opens a space for deep attention, and seeing David Garneau’s art in the session today and working with a glorious group of participants in today’s afternoon session. The theme continues to announce itself, in so many ways of the ripe place of creativity is grounded in the liminal space.  Whether that is in the space between myself and the work, or the studio and the…


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Becoming an Anti-Racist Ally

In 1966, the United Nations designated March 21st as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Being anti-racist is more than simply "not being racist"; it is rather an ongoing process of unlearning the interlocking and institutionalized systems of racism in which we are all capable of complicity. 

On March 21 this year, I invite you all to the Arts-Based Research Studio where my residency cohort and I will be joined by the …


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Art in progress as an act of love

The last few times people have come to work with me in the afternoons, has been one person at a time.  Now, that I think of it, how appropriate and fabulous for working on a solo show, and it has been an honor and  treasure to work with individuals, one at a time, and see the potential and blossoming of how each person can mine their own stories.  Our stories utter one another, and we have a lifetime of stories within us.  So amazing to have this space where we can dance, move, voice, and…


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Open rehearsal on March 13

The Staging Diversity project has begun to move beyond our phase of theatre-based research and exploration and into devising. Our devising process is largely based improvisation and also includes written elements - all of which is firmly grounded in our previous work on ancestry and…


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Day 5 Dancing with a new skin

Yesterday in the workshop time we went back and forth from moving to writing where words are given a chance to spill to the page from the momentum of moving.  I am always caught with the way surprise is present.  Out of this practice, questions never cease to emerge for me.  I adore the feeling of suspension, falling and surrendering my body to release.  And yet in life, releasing is not so facile.  I hang on, and don’t viscerally release to circumstances, yet these are the improv details…


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Food & Family

 A recurring theme in the devising work of the Staging Diversity project is family and food. I use "family and food" here as a collective noun. During the early phase of this project, way back last fall before we had even joined the ABRS network, I invited the group participants to write on cue cards anything that came to them during rehearsals: images they witnessed that were particularly resonant, words spoken for their or other mouths, ideas they would like to explore in the…


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