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Day 4 Ode to the Studio

Day 4   Ode to the Studio


It was such a delight to have a group of University of Alberta folks from different facets, come and move, dance, write, improvise, and play with, in the studio.  I am continually reminded of the deep beauty, which arises, when we all become available to the wisdom of the body, and release to the surprises of what will arise.  What an amazing group of creative people,  collectively coming to unfold magic.

Earlier in the day as I…


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Life is an artist residency

Day 3  Life as an artist residency


I can never separate the creation process from the healing process – uncovering the layers of my own family history.  Improvising today I continue to see themes emerge of the juxtapositions…of living in a family with a huge sensibility towards art, play, dance, celebrating color and food juxtaposed with the trauma of genocide in my Armenian mother’s cells and my father’s Irish humour.  Life is an artist residency for there is…


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Words from a Child

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Day 2 Dancing my questions

Day 2  Dancing my Questions

The  joy of following the movement impulse.  Coming into the studio to work on the transition pieces in the solo show, yet each morning, I am compelled to create from exactly where I am.  Dancing from the inside out in the moment, I am led to creating a whole other piece, and these are some of the questions that emerge out of my dance creation today.  How does one give birth to oneself over and over again? …


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The Power of the Space

The work is the work but I must say that the work is so influenced by space. In the explorations of the power of subtlety, the stillness and "black-box-ness" of the space support the work tremendously. We'll have open rehearsals pretty soon. Looking forward to seeing what happens when the dancers are held not only by space but by those entering the space and witnessing. The participants continue to write after each gathering, giving me lots of material for harvesting toward the dissertation.…


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Body simmering

Living back into the skin you know that keeps you so alive.  The absolute  joy of having a space to attend to what one carries within the belly for a long time. The space to create, dance, speak out loud, let the body bring out what is simmering on the inside out.  It is like finally having a pot to cook a stew in… living a stew of art.  Today the studio and I became intimate, and its floor embraced my worn body, till the movements arose, which drew me back to the delight of literally…


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Markus' Open Workshop on Feb 20

Markus' next  DanceTheatre Lab, AN INVITATION TO MOVE INSIDE OUT
will be this Wednesday, February 20 from 1 to 3:30 PM as part  of his artist-in-residency offerings at the U of A. There is no fee. Here  are the directions to get there:
Arts based Research Studio  4-104 Education Centre North on the U of A campus. The  parking is in a pay lot ($3), behind St. Stephen's College, near the hub on  112th Street just past 88 Ave. The education building is there at the …

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my bio in a nutshell

I would say I grew up in a low-class lifestyle.I  grew up with my mom and two younger brothers. My parents divorced when I was just 3 years old. Spent most of my life wondering who my dad was and why he left me. Today I understand. My dad was charged with physical and sexual assaults to very young children. And to my understanding I was one of those children. At the age of 13 I started skipping school, smoking weed, and drinking; most teenagers seem to do that, this  was normal for…


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Myths & dramaturgy

We've wrapped up the bulk of out ancestry character work and have now moved on to exploring myths, stories, and narrative-based cultural practices. Each participant has selected a story and brought it to the group, and we are spending this week analyzing their dramaturgical structures, using techniques based in writing, discussion, and movement. Our open rehearsal yesterday provided an opportunity for community members with fresh perspectives to lend their eyes, ears, and input to our…


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Rich Times

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Check out these "not-games" that we looked at in our discussion group today:

Homeless: It's no game


Everyday the same Dream

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February 6, 2013 Informal Talk

This group of 20 folks came together in the spirit of community building and art-making. What a great alchemy it was. Learning is such fun. We inspire each other to sit at the edge of our seats, leaning into each other's lives. Sharing precious time to deepen our connection to what we care about within us and between us. Developing a phenomenological language for the profound and how it shows up in art-making is a challenging and inspiring way to come together. We danced and spoke and danced…


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All Kids Love Games

Wii Fitness can include a "balance board" which both measures Body Mass Index plus the user's center of gravity. It will consist of about forty different activities tailored to get consumers fit like yoga, push ups, step aerobics, ski jumping, hula hoops, and a variety of exercises. These escapades are aimed at providing consumers with a "core" workout using slow, controlled movements. The balance board lets you workout in a online planet plus track a progress. Before we recognize it, you'll… Continue

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Tableau Work

Being at the studio continues to inspire new ways of working. We're exploring the power of stillness through work with tableau. (For example...hold 12...move for 7...repeated.)  There is so much vibrancy in so-called stillness. We're also working with costumes so someone from 19th centruy mongolia will be in a tableau with someone from 1950's Canada and 21st centruy New York; someone from India in the same tableau as someone from Africa. Playing with time and space is a joy in the context of…


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Staging Diversity - Ancestory character work

The project I have brought to the Arts-Based Research Studio is entitled Staging Diversity and is a part of a multi-phase project I am facilitating in partial fulfillment of my Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Practice (Community-Based Theatre) thesis work.

I am working with a cohort of five people. The participants came to the project by responding to a call that asked for participants who self-identify as women/trans* and "brown" who would like to work on a theatre-based…


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Staging Diversity - open workshop Dec 9 2012

My residency with the ABRS commenced with an open workshop on Dec 9, 2012. This open workshop was a culmination of a fall theatre series I had been facilitating as a part of my thesis work toward an MFA in Theatre Practice (Community-Based Theatre) in the Department of Drama.

This workshop series had seven participants (all who identify as women or trans*, and as racialized) and ran from October – December 2012. It consisted of of nine workshops, and each explored a different…


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