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Thirdspace Playback Edmonton

Thirdspace Playback Edmonton had our debut performance at ABRS.   Our audience reflected the range of diversity we hope to continue working with in our work. It was a real honour to hear people's stories of navigating identity and finding common ground. It was a great debut for our Thirdspace Playback Edmonton company! Stay posted for more performances in the Fall of 2017

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A Glimpse of Thursday Open Studio Night

This afternoon had lots going on at open studio- sketching, mixed media work, writing and we even had a dancer come visit us which was very exciting. I love the diversity of creative work that was taking place, so thank you to everyone who came out.

For a video of the action, check out this moment…


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Residency Week 1: Open Studio, “Between Us” & Setting Roots

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As an emerging artist a lot of the plans I have laid out for my time here at the ABRS involve challenging my comfort zone. There are a lot of new experiments and experiences, and as exciting as that is, it can also be a bit scary. Additionally, despite the positive anticipation I have had…


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Arts-based Research and Activism: "Fake News" Attack

Below is a letter my partner Barbara Bickel has written as a response to Fox News TV covering one of her art installations here in the S. USA and what can happen in the culture of fear climate today ... the actual Fox News clip is linked in her letter as well.

Dear all,

I hope this finds you well. I am sharing new blog I have written in response to a fake news story that aired on an American national TV news channel last week regarding an art…


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Performance Talk by Alice Sheppard Thursday August 18 from Noon-2pm

Edmonton, join us at Alice Sheppard's performance-talk on Race, Disability and Dance this Thursday (August 18th) 12-2pm at the Arts-Based Research Studio (4-104 Education North, University of Alberta)!!

"In this part talk/part performance event, Alice Sheppard engages questions of embodiment, aesthetics, and virtuosity through the lenses of…


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Alice Sheppard Dance Residency - Collective Blog Post

We are well into the second week of the Alice Sheppard Dance Intensive. Together, we decided to brainstorm words that describe the process up until now, and how we have been feeling throughout this process. Here is what we came up with: 

- challenging

- dynamic

- attachment

- exciting

- sneaky, semi fan kicks

- room for everyone

- new

- weighty

- dense

- complex

- love Kelsie

- layered

- listen and pay…


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Visual data/comprehension

Another illustration. This one shows how my use of e-ma gives rise to three kinds of data/understanding, which move from a surface understanding (readerly) through a more comprehensive understanding based on contextual knowledge of the painted e-ma, through to semi-fictional narrative (writerly) data. Workshops can be 'tweaked' towards eliciting the type of data the researcher is seeking to explore.

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E-ma and oral data

An illustration to show how my use of e-ma gives rise to four potential sources of oral data: monologue: discursive: focus group: ethereal

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A Note From Alice Sheppard After the First Week of her Residency

It’s Friday morning.  And I am both refreshed and drained.  Refreshed because I slept really well last night.  Drained because I am involved in a process in which people have committed their everything.  Such total dedication and openness is utterly compelling: I’m drawn in.  I want to honour their commitment to the best of my abilities.  So, yes.  I, too, am committing everything I have and know to the process.  The learnings flow back richly, complexly, terrifyingly, and…


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A Dancer's Perspective - Danielle's Take on Day 4 of the Alice Sheppard Intensive


The best creative processes inevitably leave me in knots.
It is day four of this creative intensive with Alice Sheppard, and we are upstage in one large human knot. My wheelchair is bound by the weight of four bodies for just a moment, before I shake them off with a sharp spin.…

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A Dancer's Perspective on the Alice Sheppard Intensive - Kaylee's Story

When I first learned that Alice Sheppard was going to come to Edmonton and work with CRIPSiE, I was instantly excited. When I first learned that I was going to be lucky enough to be in the piece, I was ecstatic, and couldn’t wait to see where the process would go. And when, three weeks before rehearsals started, I injured my lower back (ending up in the hospital) I was worried. Would I be able to keep up? Could I do everything I needed to? Was my back ready to dance again? Thankfully,…


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A note from Alice Sheppard on our first day of her ABR residency

Yesterday was the first day of our creation intensive at CRIPSiE. I’m sort of stunned.

Yesterday was the first day of our creation intensive at CRIPSiE, and it’s clear that we are on a journey to, well, I don’t know where. And I am happy for that to be the case.

I’m Alice, and I am here for two weeks to create a piece with CRIPSiE. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while. When I read about CRIPSiE on the web, I was immediately drawn to their stated commitment to crip and…


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Online portfolio of my design

An online portfolio of my design can be seen here:

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Thank-you to all those who continue to show an interest in my research website…


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New architectural illustrations

New architectural illustrations…


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Happy Birthday Davey!

One of the participants in my research turns 90 day. Here's a small present I made for him.…


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What a Ph.D. Thesis looks like...

Hit 100,000 words today, probably another 10,000 more to go...

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