Why Ning? What is a Ning?

Communicating with a group of people can be really problematic. Social-networking tools are very popular for this reason. They offer a place to post questions to your circles, post updates to keep people in the loop, spread the word for events and groups. It’s also useful because there is a record of activity that people can refer back to, so if they only want to check on things occasionally they are not out of the loop. A social-networking site is also useful because it is a single place where you can direct people to find information about you and/or your interests. 

Facebook itself is useful for certain things, it’s certainly best suited for your personal networking. The news feed concept is fantastic, it's what has made Facebook the most popular networking tool online. But it’s also not ideal for communicating in a professional or collegial context. It merges all your circles of people together, it’s got ads and promotions. It is not a closed environment. That’s why we use Ning. 

A Ning site is a closed social network. It allows for communication methods that are similar to Facebook, yet it all occurs within the confines of the particular Ning site. A Ning site can be private, so only the members can see the content, or a Ning site can be open to the public, but even when open to the public only site members can post content.



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