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Why Ning?

If you are unfamiliar with Ning, read our 3 paragraph synopsis of what it is and why it’s such a useful tool. (We compare it to Facebook, but better.... now you're so curious you’ll have to read it!)

Get Started in 3 simple steps

1. Become a member of the our Ning site

You need to join the Ning site: Arts-based Research Studio before you can be invited to the Uncensored group

All you have to do is Click here to join the Arts-based Research Studio's Ning site.

Eventually you will receive your confirmation email... on to step 2.

2. Check your inbox for an email with the subject: “Welcome to Arts-based Research Studio”

This is your invitation to our Ning site: Arts-based Research Studio. 

As described in our 3 paragraph synopsis of Ning, a site can be private or open.

The Ning site Arts-based Research Studio is an open Ning site. Activity within this larger community is publicly viewable, but may only be contributed to by members.

The Arts-based Research Studio is a place where researchers from diverse faculties come and part-take in conversation, presentation and performance …[read more]

Additionally, within a site you can create group. Groups help to keep information and discussions for a particular subset group of people separate from the larger group.

This leads to next next step....

3. Join the Uncensored Group

Click on the "Groups" tab to navigate to the Uncensored Group. Once you get to the group, look in the top right corner for the "Join" option, and click. You're done!

High Risk Youth Uncensored: An Educational Exchange (Uncensored for short) is a unique arts-based program that engages youth as educators of professional service providers working with high risk youth, including social workers, police officers, security personnel, librarians, teachers, health professionals, etc. Read the full description on our About Uncensored page

The Uncensored group is public, but membership is by invitation. This means that all the content posted within the group will be visible to visitors to the site, but only members can post content, comments and send messages to each other.

To be part of the Uncensored group you must also be a member of the umbrella site: Arts-based Research Studio.

Congrats, you are now all ready to go....

Okay, so now what?

You are ready to participate in the Uncensored group. Use the resources below to figure out some of the features of this site.

Quick Start Information

Watch this video to learn about customizing your email notifications.

Add a profile photo.

Visit the Uncensored group.

Here is a list of some of Ning's common features and links to related tutorials:

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