Uncensored Workshops

These are all the community workshops done for the participatory research project High Risk Youth Uncensored: An Educational Exchange from 2010 to 2012. Participants included  Conrad, D., Kendal, W., Smyth, P., Olson, B., Belcourt, T., Anand, A., Hunt, L., Robinson, L. & more than 50 iHuman youth:

(2010, June 30). Pilot workshop – iHuman, REACH Edmonton Council for Safe Communities, etc. Edmonton, AB.

(2010, August 11). Taking Teaching to the Edges (of the classroom) and Beyond. Centre for Teaching and Learning & Community Service Learning, University of Alberta. Edmonton, AB.

(2010, Nov. 7). Homefest (homelessness event), Edmonton, AB.

(2010, December 8). EDPY 523 The Practice of School Psychology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB.

(2011, January 26). iHuman Youth Society & Pohna Keepers of the Fire, Native Counseling Services. Edmonton, AB.

(2011, February 2). International Week, University of Alberta. Edmonton, AB.

(2011, February 28). EDPY 397 Mentor Children & Adolescents & EDSE 501 Theorizing Youth Culture in Curriculum and Teacher Education, University of Alberta. Edmonton, AB.

(2011, March 10). Calgary visitors - Youth Criminal Defense Office, Prosecutions Unit, Calgary Police Services. Edmonton, AB.

(2011, May 13). Amiqaaq Conference, University of Alberta. Edmonton, AB.

(2011, May 27). Edmonton Public Library. Edmonton, AB.

(2011, June 1). Alberta Harm Reduction Conference. Edmonton, AB.

(2011, June 7). Alberta School Boards Association. Red Deer, AB.

(2011, July 29). Global Youth Assembly. Edmonton, AB.

(2011, Sept. 15). Relentless Youth Worker Program – YouCan. Edmonton, AB.

 (2011, Oct. 19). Tags (anti-grafitti) Conference, Edmonton, AB.

(2011, Oct. 21). Provoking Curriculum Conference, U of A, Edmonton, AB.

(2011, Nov. 4). U of Calgary Social Work Program. Edmonton, AB. 

(2011, Nov. 18). Edmonton Public Library. Edmonton, AB. 

(2011, Dec. 1). EDPY 397 Mentor Children & Adolescents, U of A.

(2012, Feb. 12). iCare Conference, Edmonton Ismaiil community

(2012, March, 21). Canadian Liver Foundation's - Hep C & Art project. Edmonton, AB.

(2012, May 9). Kule Dialogues - Uncensored Showcase Celebration, Edmonton, AB.

(2012, June 18-20). Research Storytelling Workshop: Activating the Heart: Storytelling, Knowledge Sharing and Relationship (SSHRC & Trudeau Foundation), Yellowknife, NT.

(2012, Nov. 8). EDPY 397 Mentor Children & Adolescents, U of A.


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