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Uncensored Evaluation Video

After two years of creating and facilitating workshops we conducted an evaluation of the Uncensored program from the perspectives of the youth. We wanted to know what youth thought of the program and… View »

Welcome to Uncensored's Ning

Now What? Why Ning? If you are unfamiliar with Ning, read our 3 paragraph synopsis of what it is and why it’s such a useful tool. (We compare it to Facebook, but better.... now you're so curious you’… View »

Why Ning? What is a Ning?

Communicating with a group of people can be really problematic. Social-networking tools are very popular for this reason. They offer a place to post questions to your circles, post updates to keep pe… View »

Uncensored Workshops

These are all the community workshops done for the participatory research project High Risk Youth Uncensored: An Educational Exchange from 2010 to 2012. Participants included  Conrad, D., K… View »

About Uncensored

    High Risk Youth Uncensored: An Educational Exchange (Uncensored) is a unique arts-based program that engages youth as educators of professional service providers working with high risk… View »

Uncensored Evaluation Report

Uncensored Evaluation Report.pdf View »


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