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    High Risk Youth Uncensored: An Educational Exchange (Uncensored) is a unique arts-based program that engages youth as educators of professional service providers working with high risk youth, including social workers, police officers, security personnel, librarians, teachers, health professionals, etc. The aim of the program is three-fold:

  1. to use the expert knowledge and creative abilities of high risk youth to develop and deliver a training curriculum for professionals on to how to best understand and meet the needs of high risk youth;
  2. to facilitate dialogue between high risk youth and professionals towards constructive solutions for the systemic and interpersonal challenges that high risk youth encounter;
  3. to empower youth by facilitating their engagement in social roles (i.e., educator, leader, artist, performer) that can improve their self-esteem, strengthen their self-confidence, and provide them with positive resources from which to develop healthy adult identities. One aim of the project was the development of a model for educating professionals who work with high risk youth.

    With the assistance of project facilitators (from iHuman Youth Society, the University of Alberta, and Child and Family Services, High Risk Unit), and other experts from the community, and funding from REACH Edmonton Council for Safe Communities, the Faculty of Education and Kule Institute for Advanced Study, University of Alberta, from 2009 to 2012 a number of iHuman youth participated in the development and delivery of a series of workshops that involved youth artwork, storytelling about their experiences, and interactive theatre scenes. The youths’ experiences were supplemented by information from theory and research about intervention practices such as harm reduction and restorative justice, where such information enhanced the community dialogue for improving the lives of high risk youth. A community-based evaluation of the project yielded data on the workshops from the perspectives of service provider audiences (see Uncensored Evaluation Report). The youth also engaged in an evaluation process to express the benefits they gained from the process (see Uncensored Video)

    The purpose of this Uncensored Ning Network is to carry on the work of the project in a virtual community space. Here, based on the work in which the youth have engaged, service providers and youth can continue to exchange ideas and build understanding, for the benefit of all. As a member of the Ning Group you can respond to videos or documents posted, begin and/or respond to discussion forums, upload your own photos or videos including video responses to the youths’ work.

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